Nana Komatsu & Nobuo Terashima

Nana Komatsu gets the nickname Hachi early in the series. She was born in a small town and moved to Tokyo to follow her friends and current boyfriend. She meets Nana Osaki on the train to Tokyo, they become friends and later moves in to an apartment together. Hachi has never really had any dreams on her own, just get happily married and become a housewife is all she has thought of. She's naive and falls in love easily, but she's very loyal and cares deeply about her friends.
Nobuo Terashima is friendly and kind. He has been a friend of Nana Osaki since high school. He comes from a rich family which owns an inn, but he wants to pursue his passion for music instead of working there and joins Nana Osaki's band Black Stones as their guitarist.

Hachi & Nobuo become friends, dates and break up. We don't know what their future holds.
They both share a similar personality trait, in that they are both very innocent characters.


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